Somewhere in the smog of a New York industrial zone is a lost paradise. The Hotel Getaway was a playground for the rich and famous before a century of of decay and and neglect left it a crumbling relic. Now nestled among chemical refineries, methadone clinics and prisons, the beach is polluted and the boardwalk rides are rusty deathtraps. Inside, the ornate architecture and antique furniture are covered with dust and cobwebs. Ancient light fixtures flicker, but most of the rooms have running water.

This is the story of a hotel staff trying hard to pull The Getaway back from the brink and restore its former luster. They want to get rid of the live-in junkies and prostitutes, and bring in a new generation of elite vacationers. They host conventions for groups too bizarre to get a ballroom at the Hilton. They book questionable acts to perform in the auditorium. They organize spring break parties, advertise all-day brunch and even kidnap tourists straight from the airport.

Not every episode is about the hotel. Each character has his or her own goals, issues and obsessions that distract from their workplace duties. The hotel is a natural magnet for new characters and stories, but episodes take place all over the city and beyond. The tone is irreverent or even vulgar, with a touch of the mysterious. In a setting both eerie and campy, plots veer toward the supernatural without quite departing from the real world. Humor is often found in how the characters scheme against each other as bad situations spiral out of control. At the Hotel Getaway, anything can happen. And it probably will.



TRAVIS [Disgruntled Concierge]
voiced by DEAN DELRAY

Travis is cunning, hilarious and devastatingly handsome. At least that's what he thinks of himself. Others would more likely call him sarcastic, manipulative and arrogant, but he's not without his own brand of charisma. His enthusiastic personality can be infectious and he's great at pulling accomplices into his many schemes to get rich, famous or laid. He considers himself an underappreciated genius, but most of his knowlge comes from TV shows. For someone who claims not to care what anyone thinks, he seems desperate to prove it and his cool aloofness can give way to pathetic outbursts and tantrums when things don't go his way, not unlike a pouting child. He's lazy on the job which he thinks he's too good for, and always rude to the guests.

Typical Travis Scenes: Being rude to a customer, scheming, trying to get Glen on-board, trying to win favor with Nora and Michel, Hitting on girls, denying any fault


GLEN [Sensitive Spirit Bellboy & Janitor]
voiced by SAM TRIPOLI

Glen cares a bit too much. His heart is permanently stitched to his sleeve and easily buys into new age fads and conspiracy theories. He's not dumb, just a true believer. He never accepts arbitrary social conventions, whether walking around nude or eating a "perfectly good" churro from the dumpster. His lack of ego has made him many unexpected, strange friends in every walk of life. He considers himself an astral traveller, energy healer and plays an array of exotic instuments. He's bad at his job, not because he's lazy but because he has a pension for getting distracted or focusing on the wrong details. He trusts Travis, and is frequently roped into his schemes, usually becoming the fall guy when things go bad.

Typical Glen Scenes: Fucking up people's stuff, getting scared, being lazy, doing drugs, being overly sensitive, misunderstanding, under-reacting to a bad situation, overreacting to a minor incident.




NORA [Ambitious Office Manager]

Nora is usually the one desperately trying to hold the place together through her coworkers’ incompetence and reckless schemes. She’s an aspiring entrepreneur, working her way through night classes. Although she considers herself quite skilled in business, law, science, etc., she really knows just enough to make herself sound smart. She hates getting hit on by her subordinates, and lets them know in the harshest ways possible. Secretly, she has a bit of a thing for Travis but hates that she’s attracted to him, and would never admit it. Still, she wants to be one of the gang and is often coerced to join them on their escapades against her better judgement. She’s from humble beginnings, and has more street-smarts than any of them.

Typical Nora Scenes: Trying to be professional, Holding shit together, reprimanding the guys, getting drawn into a scheme against her better judgement, Trying to impress Michel, repelling Travis's advances





Michel [Lovably Inept Owner]

Michel is a terrible businessman with a heart of gold. There is always a smile on his face as he pulls you into a bear-hug. Michel was a poor belsbok herder in Gabon, Africa, until one day he was caught in the crossfire between two warlord factions. When they killed each other, he made off with a load of their diamonds which he used to buy the hotel. Partly because of the culture shock, he is incredibly naive and treats everyone like his best friend. He genuinely cares about each person he meets. Instead of hiring qualified employees, he ‘rescues’ the ones he feels sorry for because he knows they’re too incompetent to find work elsewhere. If not for Nora, he would have gone broke long ago. His English isn’t so great, and he fills the gaps with "please-okay-thank-you" and "I love you!"

Typical Michel Scenes: Misunderstanding English, customs and situations, not comprehending the gravity of a situation, being affable and lovable when it's not appropriate, siding with the guys over Nora because of his happy-go-lucky nature.





When federal agents reserve a room to hide an ex-mobster about to testify in a major trial, Travis and Clutch each try to win a mob bounty by being the one to kill him. Trying to keep things quiet, Nora thwarts their efforts to poison food, blow up the room, etc. The witness eventually ends up fleeing with Michel who thinks he is some kind of a bigshot and the FBI guys were his bodyguards. He takes Michel on a revenge quest through his old neighborhood, but Michel thinks it’s just a typical day of fun.

Glen accidentally pushes a cart of luggage into the elevator shaft, and it falls into darkness below. The crew travels down into the basement in search of it, but winds up in ancient sewers and creepy tunnels. They eventually are captured by a race of subterranean reptilians. As they escape, it’s revealed that the reptilians were just really dirty homeless people living in the sewers, or perhaps mutated by the nearby chemical plant.

When Michel announces the hotel will be hosting a senior prom, the guys get excited about meeting high school girls. Of course Nora thinks they’re gross, but has mixed emotions when she sees one of the football players who’s on the prom committee. After a week of lecherous planning, they discover it’s a senior citizen prom put on by local retirement homes. The high school kids setting it up were only working there as community service.

The hotel starts showing signs of being haunted. After calling in priests and psychics to deal with the problem, it turns out that the hotel’s air source has just been contaminated with opiates that Glen was growing in the basement (or something.)

A bratty rich girl is having her sweet 16th birthday in the hotel. Amid all her demands and extravagant activities, a hurricane hits which takes out the bridge and traps them in the hotel. As guests start dying, it turns into a Clue-style murder mystery.

Travis convinces Clutch to go on a college prank style panty raid on a nearby resort. When Michel hears about it, he insists on coming along, and has a very hard time being stealthy. When it turns out the rival resort is actually a mental hospital, they become trapped inside and nobody believes their stories. Glen comes to rescue them, but is also mistaken for a patient and enjoys the group therapy so much that he doesn’t want to leave. By the time Nora files the right papers to get them out, none of them want to leave.

Inspired by 1920s gangster movies, Travis decides to open up a classy speakeasy in the wine cellar. But since alcohol is legal, he decides that in order to give it that authentic feel he should serve illegal drugs. It quickly devolves into a dangerous crackhouse.

When Michel gives the crew a large check to hire exterminators for a major rat problem, they decide to pocket the money and deal with the problem themselves. They nearly blow up the hotel by shooting flames into air vents and scare guests by setting snakes loose.

When Glen comes up with a great idea for an app, Travis and Clutch try to get in on it as his partners. The only nerdy guy they know doesn’t want to program it, so they try to get him laid so he’ll help them. They also sneak into one of Nora’s community college business classes to try and meet investors, but just wind up embarrassing her.

While sword-fighting in the hotel’s decorative suits of armor, the crew destroys an old painting and discovers a treasure map which leads them on a quest. They barge through occupied guest rooms, dig holes in the yard and discover secret rooms. Ultimately, the treasure is something underwhelming.

In order to make more money, they decide to convert the hotel into a Las Vegas-style casino. Since they can’t afford real equipment, they make their own highly-rigged games. Meanwhile Lester begins auditioning showgirls and circus performers to put on a grand, epic nightly show.

When guests and workers keep waking up in bathtubs of ice with organs missing, they discover there is a serial organ thief among them. Everyone is a suspect.

Glen starts a secret Marijuana grow operation in the basement, but he forgot that a couple weeks ago he also started growing alligators to harvest for shoe leather. The escaped gators have survived on rats until now, but when the pot and gators become tainted by a chemical leak from the nearby toxic waste plant, it turns the hotel into a stoner jurassic park jungle.

When a known killer checks in, each wants to be the one to catch him and collect the bounty.

When a wealthy traveller dies in a room, they try to cover up his death and steal his briefcase of money. Things go badly when both cops and criminals show up looking for him.

Michel returns one night with a man who he says is his long lost brother. The rest of the gang suspect this obnoxious man is just using Michel for his wealth, and set out to prove it.

They try to steal a tank of methelamine from the nearby chemical plant, but accidentally steal a tank of helium and wind up somehow breaking off a part of the hotel which floats up into the air.

A new Oil rig is going up in the bay that will destroy the hotel, so the crew joins eco­terrorists to try and shut it down.

When Michel is arrested for accidentally committing a serious crime, the guys try to break him out while Nora uses the legal knowledge she thinks she has to represent him in court.

with the hotel being in heavy need of repair Tara brings in some high class folks in hopes of investment opportunity. travis is trying to get with the “hot” one while glen is convinced they are reincarnated worms that are out to eat them alive and keeps trying to get them back into the dirt. but in the end they were just there to steel all the linens.

hotel inspectors show up and everyone thinks they will shut it down but no one seems to care but tara. but tara thinks the inspector is way more interested in her then the hotel and so tara try’s to prepare mentally to put out if it means the hotel doesn’t get shut down. but turns out the inspector is gay and way into glen. and all of sudden glens sexuality is questioned and this spins him into a world of confusion.

travis, out of boardroom, decides to re­decorate the front of the hotel with used old pieces of wood and rusty nails. its a “rustic” look that he says is the new cool thing kids are going for. while at the same time glen
was asked to model for a hip, american apparel, type of clothing company. travis gets ultra jealous at the women that are dressing glen and following him around and so travis continuously try’s to sabotage him.

kid of billionaire is staying in the hotel and everyone is trying to figure out a way to be the kids best friend so they can a piece of his money. the kid is the most spoiled and annoying of anyone they’ve ever meet but they won’t give up pretending to like him, as the money is just to good! until finally travis loses it and almost destroys the entire hotel out of frustration. then in the end turns out the kid isn’t rich at all and was just a joke put on to them from the competing bed and breakfast down the road.

michel’s family sends him a gift, diamonds they found in the jungle in the shape of michel’s face. only tara realizes it’s not legal to import diamonds from his country into the US. so they have to figure out a way of hiding them from the cop convention that’s going on. and not to mention the family that glen accidentally poised to death when he tried cooking his moss soup. end cuz it’s glens birthday he makes the cops get a nice scope of moss ice­cream with diamonds on top!

travis gets electrocuted while he was trying to see if he could get glen to ride the elevator cables like it was a jungle gym. and now travis claims to be back from the dead, and that he is the real jesus and everyone must follow him. of corse everyone ignores him. but this doesn’t stop him from starting his own religious cult in the basement of the hotel. tara alerts him of his not being jesus or else he could walk on water and do other such actives. so he gets glen to set up a series of tests that he fails miserably and he realizes he is not jesus, but says who cares cuz i got my own cult with a bunch of hot ass chicks! but soon he can't seem to control any of them and it all ends with him trying to escape his own crucifixion.




TOBY - Office Monkey
He's a bit nervous and reserved, but wants to be cool and really tries to fit in with those younger, and hipper than him, even if it just means copying trends and lingo he doesn't completely understand. His insecurities make him an easily swayed to begrugingly go along with any plan, even if he's the first to crack under pressure. A formerly rich stock broker, he has an ex-wife and a kid he rarely sees, and some embarassingly pathetic hobbies. He's a bit like Murray in FOTC or Cyril in Archer.

VAL - Janitor
A stocky chick with dyed hair and combat boots, she's a bit of the surly lesbian punk stereotype, but there's potential to abandon some of the tropes and make her a more complex and nuance character. She's the one who can build or fix things, as well as a computer hacker. She will punch you if you call her a maid. She's a bit like Melissa McCarthy, Aubrey Plaza on Parks & Rec. or Laura Silverman on Dr. Katz.

RAY LEE - Valet
An Asian-American kid from the south, he talks like a hillbillie with a spikey mullet and has been in and out of jail for stealing cars. He's a bit of a gearhead, and a bit crazy, ready to fly off the handle if he's challenged. He wants to be called by his racing nickname, Clutch (or something). He's a bit like Danny McBride or Master Shake.

MORRIS - Gardener
He is mildly autistic which makes him socially awkward, but also has vast encyclopedic knowlege, and is often working on scientific experiments in the basement. He's a bit like Zach Galafanakis in The Hangover or Rick Morannis in Ghostbusters.

RACHAEL - Low-level Security Guard
She wants to be a broadway actress, and its a bit peppy and energetic to the point of being annoying. She's very into any kind of new age trend, cleansing, etc, but also fashion and girly stuff. She's not ditzy, but sometimes too trusting of people. She's usually the one used as bait, or a distraction but can sometimes get too into the "role" she is playing, even though she's a much worse actor than she thinks she is. She's a bit like Shoshanna on Girls or Phoebe on Friends.

LEROY "KNUCKLES" GRIMES - Trainer & Messeuss
He fancies himself an ultimate fighter and master of all forms of combat, but his dimeanor is meek and his experience is limited. He's stocky and balding with a pot belly and glasses. He loves Kung Fu movies and collects weapons which he barely knows how to use. He tells stories about "when the shit went down in Felluja" but clearly he was just a civillian contractor doing admin work in Iraq. He's a bit like the nerdy brother on Napoleon Dynamite or Dwight Shrewt on The Office.

VLAD SKARNOFF - Head of Security
Sadistic, terrifying ex-KGB, etc. Basically, he is Vladimir Putin. He hates them enough that he will go after them even if they're plotting things outside of the hotel, and would never fire them because if he did he could no longer chase, punish and torture them.

RICK - the Manager
Uptight and strict, but also very weak and insecure, he gives into anything security demands. He just wants to keep things running smoothly and is always the one who is most nervous when there is the potential for a disaster

The owner's wife is a snobby elitist socialite who hates poor people and likes to torment and humiliate the help. Alternately, the owner could be an eccentric tech millionaire and she could be his mother just skimming off his new-found wealth. She would be a bit like the mother on Arrested Development.

A grumpy but street-wise repairman, he is always snooping and trying to figure out what they're up to, but not to turn them in. He just wants a taste of the action, bribes and favors. He's skeezy and unfriendly, kind of like Carl on Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

He is basically like a spy for management, trying to raise his station by ratting out anybody breaking rules.

A cheery yokel like Woody Boyd or Kenneth the Page, he is very by-the-book and honest but also gullible and easily tricked. he is often the one who winds up taking the heat for the crew's schemes which he unwittingly facilitates.

She speaks very little English, and wouldn't go out of her way to turn anybody in, but is afraid of getting in trouble.

He lives in the alley among the cats, but might turn up anywhere in the hotel from the boiler room to the Presidential suite. He can be bribed to do almost anything or recruit a an army of homeless if needed.

Old and feeble, he seems to barely know where he is or what's going on, but might have a moment of clarity that could work for or against them.

In his mid-50s, Neil is sort of the elder statesman and wise prophet who anyone can turn to for advice, or to broker a deal. He's not on the side of management or the crew, but might be the only person who can solve a crisis. He just wants to keep the status quo where it is.

Several hookers are regular customers who troll the bar for new clients. Among them are a sassy young hooker, a 90-year old former showgirl and a male giggolo.

She is a cabbie who is usually outside the hotel. A former Hell's Angel in the 1960s, she's not likely to take shit from anybody but more no-nonsense than surly. She fancies herself an amateur bounty hunter and keeps several guns in her cab.