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“Caught On Fire” is an edgy, animated comedy about a bumbling team of firefighters who work and often live together at the fire station in Freso, CA.  Our irreverent, hard-partying crew is voiced by Tiffany Haddish, Harland Williams, Bobby Lee, Eric Magnussen and Joey Diaz, and drawn in their likeness. Think: An animated “Reno 911.”

Firefighters are often revered for their bravery, their fitness, their compassion, and their good deeds. But our guys are different… they’re worse.

It’s a character-driven show about a group of friends who have each other’s backs no matter what. They’re co-workers, they’re friends… they’re a really, really fucked-up family. It’s the relationships between our characters that will drive the comedy in this show.




She’s our way into this world and the pilot will be her first week at the station.  She’s an ex-cop who was kicked off the force for beating up a couple of racist white officers.  Disenchanted with police work, but still wanting to help people, she became a firefighter. (Nate mentions that this is a common thread, and never the other way around…)  She takes the job seriously and often has to keep the rest of the crew in line. She’s a crass, truth-dealer who isn’t afraid to put people in their place and she intimidates most of the crew.  But underneath her tough facade she’s actually a girly girl with a massive makeup and wig collection.  Her philosophy is if she’s going down in flames, she’d better look smoking hot when she does.  And although she’d never admit it, she’d really like to settle down and have kids.  She’s dating a somewhat fey cop from her old job (Tony Hinchcliffe), but right now, she’s married to her job and is the best firefighter on the crew. She and the captain, Joey, are the paternal figures of the crew and they share a common fire fighter I.Q.  They respect each other, but often butt heads on the best way to handle situations.


JOEY DIAZ [The Caption]

With the shortest fuse and the highest BMI, Joey is a heart attack waiting to happen.  Tony Soprano in a fire helmet.  Joey is politically incorrect and doesn’t like the way the world is going with gender neutrality and no smoking anywhere. Joey: “If the building’s on fire, I should be able to have a freakin’ smoke outside of it.” He loves to gamble, play cards to see who has to do the dishes and is constantly fueling the competitive fire of the crew by coming up with games like “Throw this thing into that thing.”  Following proper protocol, exercising the chain of command, saving lives and staying out of trouble with the Chief are of the utmost importance to him. “Remember guys, theses rules are the rules because someone died not doing these rules.” He knows Tiffany is his best firefighter and often enlists her with fixing his mess of a fire station. Tiffany knows Joey comes from a different era, but his political incorrectness drives her nuts.  “Eating sushi doesn’t make you gay, Joey.”  Joey: “It doesn’t help.” Joey is the only person Tiffany will show her softer side to, and he’ll actually bestow some helpful relationship advice on her.  She’ll teach him not to refer to women as “broads” or his wife as his “fatter half”.



BOBBY LEE [The Rookie]

He’s constantly pranked and shit on because he’s the probationary, rookie, firefighter who’s just waiting for someone new to start so he won’t be low man on the totem pole.  He thought Tiffany was going to be this person, but she basically punks everyone out and refuses to adhere to all the fraternity hazing that normally goes along with being a “probey.” She joins in on the pranks against Bobby, which infuriates him (Getting the contents of the refrigerator dumped on him). He does want to help people, but he’s very lazy and always complaining about having to stop playing video games to go fight a fire.  He’s good with electronics and often invents gadgets he thinks will help the crew (Think Data from “Goonies”). Everyone treats Bobby like a fraternity pledge, except Harland, who weirdly seeks his approval.  Bobby constantly sees how far he can push Harland, daring him to do crazy things like drive through a fast food drive-through in the truck, knowing it will get stuck.



The crew “gossip”, Harland can’t keep a secret and loves to talk shit and create drama. He’s the worst fire truck driver in history. He regularly hits cars and light poles while responding to calls and parks too close to the scene, causing the truck to catch on fire. His only focus tends to be how much weed he can smoke or mushrooms he can do in one day. While on the job, he’s constantly looking to steal morphine or other pills and instructs Bobby to use his EMT training and hook him up to an IV to cure his hangover. He can also hear the station dog’s thoughts as well as all other animals. He’s like if Dr. Doolittle on acid. Joey is constantly threatening to fire Harland, but often caves after Harland starts to cry. Happy, sad, or overcome with the beauty of life, Harland finds lots of reasons to cry.


ERIC MAGNUSSEN [The Know-It-All Nerd]

An annoying “trivia guy” who lives with his mom, Eric became a firefighter to become “cool” and serve his community. He thinks he’s way smarter and stronger than he is and these traits often get him in over his head when fighting fires. He might be the dumbest nerd you’ve ever met. A lifelong bachelor, Eric asks girls on dates everywhere he goes, even in burning buildings, and is constantly bring chicks back to the fire station to prove to that he’s a fireman. And he does better than you think, often bragging about the size of his “package” and getting away with corny lines: “Wanna see my hose?” “Ew, get away from me, creep.” “I’m a fireman.” “Oo, get in my pants, creep.” Bobby often enlists Eric to help him mess with/ prank Harland, so they are pals in that way, but Bobby is the first to call bullshit on Eric after he misquotes something or exaggerates a story of heroism. They are very competitive and Bobby can’t believe that he’s constantly losing out to Eric with girls. Eric is also in love with Tiffany, but she’s not having any of it.


Very grumpy and constantly annoyed by our crew.  She’s sexually aggressive and loves guns. She adopted Harland when he was six and loves him, but sometimes wishes she had picked a “more normal white boy.” Think Whoopi Goldberg.

A handicapped Dalmatian in a canine wheelchair.  He speaks to Harland telepathically and only eats spaghetti cooked at the firehouse.  

Tiffany’s surprisingly fey, super-wimpy, white boyfriend. Tony works in forensics for the Fresno P.D. and is the perfect boyfriend to Tiffany.  He just might be gay.  Played by comedian, Tony Hinchliffe.

He’s a corrupt bribe taker and is only concerned with advancing his political career.  He has plans to be the Governor of California and then POTUS.  He looks and talks like Kevin Spacey, voice by comedian Jeff Richards.











We like the idea of making this a serial show, where we’ll follow story arcs for our characters over the series. 

For example:
Tiffany and her boyfriend (Tony) get engaged at the end of season one and we see that the boyfriend immediately turns into a “bridezilla,” constantly stopping by the station to have Tiffany decide on flowers, chairs, place settings, wedding invites, etc. Their relationship starts to be a burden for Tiffany.

At some point, we could introduce a new “rookie” character during the time that Bobby is ending his probationary period. We could then see Bobby become the “hazer” rather than the “hazee” and also see him enact some revenge on the rest of the crew for mean things he’s had done to him.
Joey’s health, which is a constant issue for him, finally takes a turn for the worse.  He’s going to need a kidney transplant and things are “touch and go” for a while. Right when the crew thinks they might lose him, Harland steps up and donates a kidney to Joey.  This brings these two closer (uncomfortably so) and forces Joey to cut Harland some slack for being such a fuck up.



A sacred hazing ritual (dumping refrigerator contents on him) against Bobby gets interrupted, as the crew goes on a call for a warehouse fire. After they put it out, the fire is deemed arson. Our crew has to stop a serial arsonist who is starting fires all over Fresno.  The culprits turn out to be the two Fresno cops, seeking revenge on Tiffany for beating them up.  Also, Bobby brings in an Amazon Echo for station.  Everyone loves it, except Harland, who is convinced it’s a mind manipulation device, designed by “Russian Big Brother” and vows to destroy it before the Russians get all their information


One of Eric’s ex-girlfriends (he has many) shows up with a newborn, claiming it’s his. The crew has to adjust to life with a baby living at the station. Harland tries to “go clean” for a new mandated drug test. Tiffany shows she can be a great mother and pressures her boyfriend, Tony, to take their relationship to the next level -- pregnancy. Meanwhile, Harland attempts to “get clean” in order to pass a newly mandated drug test. Sober Harland is smarter, more responsible and great at his job. The one problem: he’s super boring. Bobby spikes his drink with ayahuasca to get Harland back to his old self. Eric accidently gives some of this ayahuasca drink in the baby’s bottle and after a trip to the ER, the baby is taken away by child services.

The crew learns that they can get free meals at fast food restaurants if they show up in uniform. They exploit this benefit and Joey has a near fatal heart attack. The doctor tells him he needs to change every aspect of his lifestyle. In support of Joey, Tiffany takes over cooking only healthy meals for the station and devises a workout regimen everyone must follow. The crew ends up turning this into a weight loss competition where each member starts going to extremes to win (Whole30, the lemonade diet, Paleo diet where they’re hunting deer and eating raw meat, cocaine diet, shock themselves with the EKG monitor to lose weight, etc.). They all end up getting food poisoning while out on a call and fail to save a pet ferret. In the end, they learn that moderation is the key. Joey: “From now on, it’s beer only, no more shots of Jamison. Only Fireball.”

The crew messes up and fails to put out a fire at a retirement home. The Chief is furious and wants to fire everyone. Tiffany convinces The Chief to let the elderly people live at the fire station until their new home is ready. No one will lose their jobs, just as long as none of the old people die on their watch.

The crew and the local cops agree to host a boxing night for a local charity. After the cops win, the crew starts a prank war that gets out of control and ends up with the fire station burning down. Meanwhile, in the B-Story, the guys can’t masturbate at night now that Tiffany is around. It’s driving them nuts and they are at each other’s throats, which causes unneeded friction during a tense mission. Also, Tiffany wears a sexy nightshirt to bed, which isn’t making things easier. Finally, Tiffany is caught masturbating and therefore it makes it okay for everyone to do it.

Tiffany wants the fire station to participate in the women’s march, happening in downtown Fresno. The guys resist until Eric says it’ll be a good opportunity to pick up chicks. Tiffany gets everyone pink firemen hats and decorates the fire truck in pink streamers. At the march, the crew is drinking from Solo cups and dancing on the truck as it rolls down the street. They get mistaken for gay men, dressed as firemen for the occasion. Half the crew is offended and they get into a sexuality debate. In the end, everyone agrees to equal rights for all humans and they save a gay bar from burning down. Eric has sex with a trans-sexual, but is totally fine with it.