Carp Harp, a socially awkward 35-year-old mammal scientist, shares his apartment in New York City with a hyper and offensive monkey, Floyd.

Carp is a pretty lonely dude. He works at a natural science museum, dusting off bones, researching primates, gluing together fur swatches. He doesn’t have many friends and even less social skills. He desperately wants a girlfriend, and he’s tired of living alone.
But, all that is about to change.

Carp receives a small grant and decides to go on a low-budget excursion to South America in search of a new species of monkey rumored to exist. After searching around in the rain forest, sure enough, Carp finds his monkey. To his surprise it is like no monkey he’s ever seen. It almost appears human; crazier still, it can repeat sounds and words that come out of Carp’s mouth.

Carp wants to learn more about this monkey and doesn’t want it to spend the rest of its life at a research facility or behind bars in a zoo, so Carp takes the monkey back to the US. To avoid suspicion, Carp dresses the monkey in his street clothes and passes it off as his hairy roommate, Floyd.

  And so the relationship begins…..
    They become 2 species in 1 room!


Now that they live together things start to get weird. It seems that Floyd is not only physically unique amongst primates, but mentally as well. He is intelligent enough to be almost human. Floyd has learned to speak fluent English almost immediately. What’s missing are social skills, political correctness, verbal filters, manners, and a general knowledge of how to behave in the civilized world; besides that Floyd is a delight.

Carp quickly realizes that he is much more than a roommate to Floyd— he’s like Floyd’s big brother. He has to teach Floyd everything there is to know about living in today’s fast-paced world. Or is it the other way around?? Perhaps it is Floyds unfiltered, unabashed, blatant rawness that is in fact teaching Carp the life lessons here. Just who is Curious George and who is ”The Man with The Yellow Hat” in this situation? Who’s teaching whom?

Turns out that their opposite approaches and perceptions toward life are broadening the horizons of both of them. This was not expected, and although Carp is constantly putting out Floyd’s fires and covering his mistakes, it seems Carp is learning more from Floyd than Floyd is learning from Carp. Floyd seems to be teaching Carp how to open up in life one humiliating and embarrassing step at a time!

Examples -
Carp hates guns, but when Floyd brings one home and shoots an intruder Carp sees the value in guns, but then changes his mind when Floyd accidentally shoots carp in the leg for messing up his Halo 3 game.

Floyd has horrible bathroom habits: not flushing, leaving hair in the tub, spraying pee everywhere. Carp tries to teach him better habits by enrolling him in a janitorial night school class at DeVry and getting him a job cleaning at the museum, where Floyd manages to destroy and disintegrate floors.

Carp thinks he is being smart saving all his money. Floyd teaches him life is short and you gotta have fun and spend. Floyd finds a way into Carp’s credit cards and bank accounts. Floyd takes Carp out to “Live it up,” and Carp ends up having the time of his life — Ferris wheels, lobster dinners, stretch limos, nightclubs, and massages. He realizes Floyd is right, until he finds out everything was paid for with Carp’s money.

The nucleus of our stories takes place in New York City, at the museum, in the apartment, in the streets, etc. NYC offers the perfect playground for two socially inept morons to learn life lessons and try to map their journey in this confusing world.

They hang out at coffee shops, bars, diners, and an insect club of which Carp is a member. Floyd has to tag along with Carp wherever he goes so that Carp can keep an eye on him and make sure he is learning and not getting into trouble. People around Carp and Floyd just think that Floyd is Carp’s hairy hippie buddy from Colorado.


CARP HARP [human]
He is our lead guy. Lonely, vulnerable, smart, awkward, optimistic, kind-hearted, quirky.

His focuses are: finding a nice girl, keeping his job, paying rent, and keeping Floyd’s true identity a secret.

He might act all shy and scared around people, but secretly he gives motivational speeches at his job and teaches some kind of crazy martial arts to women. Not that his shy thing is made up, it’s just the only way he knows how to present himself to most of the people around him.


FLOYD [monkey]
Inappropriate, rude, politically incorrect, inquisitive, brave, unpredictable, borderline SARS.

His focuses are: junk food, sex, TV, guns, drugs, and having a good time—all the time.

Floyd might act like he doesn't care about anything but his material possessions, but down deep he does care about helping a brother out. Floyd likes to put on a bit of show, he's trying to be cooler-looking than he really is, because deep down he feels like a loner, loser and is scared to be in this world.



Ruby is single. She considers Carp to be her best buddy at the museum. To Carp, Ruby the smartest and cutest woman in the world. She is in charge of the database of the museum’s collection and plays video games at work whenever she has some downtime.

A big, muscular guy, Stan is the museum’s carpenter and wants Ruby to be his “chick” not only because he tries to have sex with anything that walks but he also wants to piss off Carp. He acts like he is already Ruby’s boyfriend.

Bart is the complete opposite of Harp. He’s immature, irresponsible and is a total partier.

Bristol is Floyd’s little brother. He’s very polite and well-mannered, everything Floyd is not.

Carp’s boss, MERLE PLOP, is an uptight, stuffy, curator-type guy who looks like he sucks on lemons when no one is looking. Very by the rules, formal, organized, and somewhat snobby.

BACKSTREET MOJO is a former street hustler turned legit. He manages the building Carp lives in but somehow it still feels like he is on the make. He’s a moody guy who doesn’t take any crap and likes to visit tenant’s apartments when they aren’t home.

There’s a wiener cart always on the sidewalk in front of the building. FLOSSY is the name of the hot girl that works there. She flirts with Carp all the time, but is she all talk and no action? We will have to see. She always seems to have advice for all the situations Carp and Floyd get into as well.

This dog is a stray neighborhood PIT BULL. He’s a mean SOB who constantly avoids capture. And now he’s figured out that Floyd is a monkey, and he’s got his eyes set on monkey meat. He’s always looking to ambush Floyd hoping that one day he can gobble down some sweet, sweet, monkey fixins!


In Season 1, Floyd has to learn to navigate his new world: how to live amongst humans, and most of all, how to cohabit with Carp. At first everything is foreign to him and Floyd struggles to embrace his new life. Gradually Floyd realizes lives in the jungle and in the Big Apple are quite similar: he can eat, shit, grab ladies’ asses whenever and wherever he wants! Floyd quickly assimilates—at least that’s what he thinks—and enjoys all the things he didn’t have back home, such as the Internet, porn, take-outs and video games.

In Season 2, Floyd tries to get a job at Carp’s suggestion, but he only wants jobs that are nearly impossible to get, like being a hip-hop rock star, hand model and celebrity chef. Each job ends in disaster. Floyd realizes Carp wants him out of the apartment so Ruby can move in, so he continuously tries to sabotage their relationship throughout the season until Carp discovers he and Ruby making out in bed.

In Season 1, Carp is beyond excited to be living with his new monkey roommate and thinks maybe the experience will one day be documented and be his ticket to the Nobel Prize. He teaches Floyd how to be a “guy” living in a modern world, and in areas of which he lacks expertise, such as getting a date, he pretends he knows everything regardless. Carp desperately tries to get Ruby to be his girlfriend but doesn’t have the courage to ask her out, with Floyd’s help, he finally secures a date with Ruby.

In Season 2, Carp and Ruby start dating. Carp quickly realizes that Floyd is super smart and has learned the concept of freeloading and is now taking advantage of him. Carp wants Floyd to get a job and move out and live an independent life, but also largely because Carp wants Ruby to move in.



Carp suggests Floyd become a dog walker since Floyd can communicate with dogs pretty well. Floyd quickly becomes the most popular dog walker in the neighborhood. Carp wants to go on a date with his love interest, Ruby, who needs to find someone to take care of her dog, Pearl. By the end, Floyd not only taught Pearl how to steal and crap in all the wrong places, but also accidentally burned off all of her fluffy hair. Carp and Ruby return to find a bald Pearl. Floyd makes it all look like it’s Carp’s fault and that he’s managed to save Pearl’s life. Ruby becomes furious at Carp and gives Floyd a peck on his cheek for saving Pearl; that kiss makes Floyd develop a crush on Ruby.

Carp’s landlady gives Carp a discount on rent for each time he volunteers at her synagogue’s library teaching kids about the wildlife. Carp thinks it’d be educational for the kids to interact with a real monkey and asks Floyd to wear a monkey costume and to show up as a “normal” monkey. Floyd sees all the kids’ moms are super hairy (his type) and starts hitting on them. Carp ends up getting banned from ever returning to the synagogue because of Floyd’s odd monkey behavior.

Floyd’s brother, Bristol, finds out Floyd is living a plush life in NYC and finds his way to Carp’s apartment and tries to move in. At first Carp is amazed and open to the idea and can’t figure out why Floyd is so upset about this because his brother seems like the perfect candidate for a roommate—clean and respectful. Floyd gets jealous of Carp’s fondness towards his brother says there can be only one monkey under the roof and moves out and stays at Central Park. Carp soon regrets he didn’t choose Floyd over Bristol because Bristol has hard-core drug problems, as there’s lots of poppy plants, AKA crack, in the jungle.

Carp’s parents unexpectedly show up for two days. Carp wants to show them that he is a successful man with a good job and a woman, so he asks Floyd to pretend to be his woman. Floyd and his mom bond until the mom starts hitting on Floyd. Carp then finds out his mom is actually a lesbian.